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Trying Something New

Posted on 2006.04.24 at 02:22
Trying Something New .. Have started a blog on myspace. But will still keep one on Live Journal. For the myspace blog, go to

Miss Ross

Anything Else That I Did Wrong

Posted on 2006.04.07 at 02:06
Current Mood: confusedconfused
DIANA SONG: TAKE THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET [written by Nile Rogers], from her 1989 album, WORKIN OVERTIME. Good song, but takes a while to get into your head.

Ok, it seems that my last entry made a few people mad, even though they did not state their feelings in the "comments" area. I still stand behind my opinion, and after reading a recent TIME article, it seems that a majority of Americans feel the same. Tighter security at the borders and if you come here and ans want to stay here .. fine.

Onto other things, .... during the show tonight I had to deal with an actor who accidentally took two ambien instead of his regular medicine. He went on and performed to his credit, however, the backstage crew spent most of the evening wondering if he was going to collapse or what. Anyway, after that I called Thelma [who had come by to see the show .. and act over dramatically if he had to fill in for the actor] about a question. From that call I was yelled at for over 30 minutes about the following:
bobbi pens being in the lead characters hair [hello - I was concentrating on the show and the actor]
being blamed [I guess] for an actor that only two weeks ago he liked, but now feels is not up to the part
being told that backstage is not "strict enough"
that we all visit too much
that an audience member left her seat to go to the bathroom and I did not catch her quick enough [why? because I was making sure the actor got onstage]
that he does not like the "tone" DIVA JD and I use with him on the phone
I do not understand how hard it is to raise six million [especially since I know he is having a new kitchen put in and worked at his church today]
insulted me flat out by saying that he thought if I liked an actor then they were talented, and if I did not , etc.
and finally .. he does not believe that there are even bobbi pens in Buckhead!

I was proud of myself though .. I corrected him about the insult regarding actors .. talent is talent, and half of the fuckers he highers could not get porn work for free!
I also pointed out that he goes on and on about the "team," and having good attitudes, but then he can be mean, rude and snippy, etc.

PINK PRINCESS did make a nnote to me that calls for help .. I can not become him!


What Is Wrong With Me Nowdays ??

Posted on 2006.04.02 at 01:43
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
DIANA SONG: WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO? [Holland / Dozier / Holland]. The Supremes first number one in 1964!

Wow, it has been a whole week and not a single blog entry. This past week has been very draining. For some reason, I felt like I could not get enough sleep or was very ill in the stomach. Oh well.

What is wrong with me ? I am beginning to side with the hard line Republicans on the immigration issue. My personal belief .. If you want to come into the country and
1. find a job
2. apply for citizenship
3. put your work pay back into the economy [and not send it back home]
4. pay taxes to use the same services that everyone else uses [especially schools]

FINE! GREAT! etc, etc .. come on in. Now I realize it may take a few months to get settled, etc .. but if your intention is to stay in this country and help this country's economy FINE. Otherwise stay home. My biggest gripe is that they are sending all that money back home. If they loved back home so much, why did they leave? No one will answer that question! Also, I think that the illegal individuals are insulting those immigrants who fought hard to become US Citizens.

It reminds me of the song AMERICA from West Side Story. Anita asks the girls who are going on and on about Puerto Rico .. if it is so great there, why did you leave? Why are they not trying to make Mexico, etc a better place to live?

I feel the immigration issue is going to get worse and violent! As we are dragged further and further economically downhill due to the war, money and jobs will become few. That is all it will take for a spread of xenophobia to hit this nation and everyone who is not legal will be sent out pronto. And if another 9/11 happens .. watch out! People seem to forget that after Pearl Harbor was bombed, thousands of Japanese were rounded up and out in "internment camps" in California. Those conservatives in the red states can get mighty bitter if there are not enough jobs in the works. Not enough jobs will cause people to overlook abortion, gays, everything.

Finally, and I know that I'm going to get lots of gripe about this .. If I visit France, more than likely I will have to have an interpreter or work with my zero to none knowledge of the French language. The French are not going to go out of their way to help me. It would be the same way in Japan, China, Russia, etc .... SO if you hire someone at a fast food restaurant, please make sure they have the fundamentals of English.


Posted on 2006.03.26 at 02:20
Current Mood: enthralled
DIANA SONG: I HEAR A SYMPHONY [Holland / Dozier / Holland] one of the 12 number one hits that the Supremes had!

Ok, since both the PINK PRINCESS and DIVA JD totally ignore whenever I write something about THE LADY, they can go ahead and ignore this entry. As for everyone else ....

Today is THE LADY'S 62 nd birthday and I want to wish her all the blessings out there. With the promised release of the BLUE album from the Motown vaults in May [an album of her unreleased jazz works during the time of the LADY SINGS THE BLUES album], and a new album in the fall .. this could be one of her best years in recent history. I just hope that her new album is not a promise along the lines of a certain play I have to keep telling our theatre patrons is coming out soon ............

Noticed an interesting quote from the movie You've Got Mail .. "I live in a small world or is it that I'm just afraid of taking risks?" A quote that I am contemplating about where I want my life to be heading.

A personal reason why I love THE LADY so much .. even in the darkest days, her music has always been there to lift me up. She points me in the right directions and always states go for your dreams. Now that may seem a bit heavy for many, but it is how I feel. I do not worship this woman, but do try to emulate the positive energy she gives off.



Posted on 2006.03.22 at 00:29
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
DIANA SONG: REACH OUT AND TOUCH [SOMEBODY'S HAND] by Ashford and Simpson. The song seemed fitting for tonight's entry.

After the gloom of my previous e-mail, and reading the PINK PRINCESS' blog about abundance and being thankful, I decided to change my tune, so here goes .. THINGS THAT I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR [in no particular order]:
1. I got my new glasses today.
2. I received a package that I had ordered from another DIANA fan containing two DIANA video tapes. The first had ONE WOMAN: THE VIDEO COLLECTION, is one which I have been looking for for over 10 years, the other, a copy of 1994 concert in Rotterdam. Beyondo thrilled!
3. Thankful to the DIVA JD who makes working for the two loonies far more bearable during the day.
4. Thankful to TEMPEST GYPSY for having someone else that sees how un professional [in matters regarding true theatre] Thelma can be.
5. Thankful for the incredible PINK PRINCESS, who always tells me the truth .. especially when she knows that I do not want to heat it.
6. Thankful to still have both of my parents [and my brother, sister in law, nephew and niece] living.
7. Despite all of the complaining, thankful to still have my job. The job I love, the people I work for .... another story ....
8. Very thankful to have CUZ H to the G and MR. MUSCLES in my life [should have started much earlier, but we will make up lost time].
9. Thankful for my home, someday it will be completed!
10. Thankful for the incredible artist MS. DIANA ROSS and the effect that she has had on my life!

Even if you do not think you will like it, go run and see V IS FOR VENDETTA!! Excellent film with a message very, very prevelant to today. To quote the film, "Artists lie to tell the truth, Politicians lie to hide the truth."


Ooops I almost forgot

Posted on 2006.03.19 at 02:32
Current Mood: awake
Ooops I almost forgot .. stating another factor of why I love Diana sooooooo much. Her birthday is 7 days away!! Anyway was feeling low while typing the previous blog entry .. when I saw an interview with her filmed in Paris. She was just so alive and it made me smile! Another reason why I love her .. when life is down, she really makes me feel better.


Swept Away

Posted on 2006.03.19 at 02:29
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
DIANA SONG: SWEPT AWAY, from her 1984 album of the same name. Great dance song song .. and written by Darryl Hall of Hall and Oates.

I have not blogged in a few days .. soo here goes. The past few days have really been tough at work. Thelma has defintely gone off the deep end, which is something that I seem to always seem to be whining about .. However .. I have been told been told point blank [by two different people] in the past 24 hours that he is pulling me off the edge as well. In their different ways, each person was telling me that for my own sanity and health, I need to move on.

One of these individuals basically said, "Please do not think that I am criticizing you, but you need to find another job before "Thelma" [insert], really causes you some bad health." That type of reality check threw me for a loop tonight.

I mean I had been thinking it was time to move on soon due to the events around Christmas, and then the recent sense of desperation coming from both Thelma and Louise. But for some reason I knew that this person was not being overly dramatic, was not trying to stir up trouble.

Why is this job so much of my life? And why do I let it get to me like nothing else?

Go! Team Diana! Go!

Posted on 2006.03.13 at 01:47
Current Mood: mellowmellow
DIANA SONG: I THOUGHT THAT WE WERE STILL IN LOVE. Incredible haunting ballad from her 1995 album, TAKE ME HIGHER. I heard her perform this song live in 1994 [before the album came out]. Another thing that I love about Diana is that she sounds as good [and often better] in concert as she does on a cd/record/tape. In concert you get the real deal. Does she have the best voice .. NO .. but she is able to interpret a song like nobodys bizness and make it her own .. example .. her version of I WILL SURVIVE.

Before I go off on my usual rant and rave, I just want to send out another SHOUT to the PINK PRINCESS [soon to be known as DR. PINK PRINCESS] as she gets ready to purchase her first home. Speaking as someone who just bought his first and only home almost 5 years ago, I know all the tensions and excitement that this type of thing brings. Can't wait to be invited to the V-HOUSE!!

I have felt so negative toward our actors at the Playhouse, and it really has been hard to snap out of it! I am really beginning to believe that they are the most selfish, spoiled brats I have ever dealt with. I don't like this, I don't like that, I can't rehearse, I need this, I need that .. I think that what TEMPEST GYPSY said today is very, very true .. they are way too comfortable and feel that they never can be let go. I will be so happy to get rid of one particular person. While I wish this person the best, I don't think that they have a clue as to what is going to happen to their little world.

Are there still real actors out there? I mean I went to college / grad school with individuals who went to study further / work at Yale, Denver Rep, SMU, etc. Although tonight I did go with Miss A to see BLUISH at the Hertz Stage. Great first act, but I did not like how it ended. Anyway, great acting! True acting .. who knew?

Now for a total change of pace, I have found a new twisted reality show to watch .. Cheerleader Nation on Lifetime [the channel for women and gay men]. This "show" about these high school girls, their moms, and their gay male coach [who is good looking in a musclebound / bear way] is too twisted for words .. I love it!

Yes, how tacky of me to go from looking for actors who are the embodiment of the art form to a reality show about high school cheerleaders!



Posted on 2006.03.09 at 02:13
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
DIANA SONG: Her version of ONCE IN MY LIFE. I have really been thinking about [or around] this song a lot lately. Truly trying to open up my heart to the meaining and hope that it will come true.

Today has really been a minor disappointment on top of another disappointment type day ..

I was very disappointment by someone that I just can not figure out. This person can go from happy to mad in less than 10 minutes. Excited to agitated and at times just outright mean. As a person who has faced being excluded or told so very lightly, I know what it feels like to be treated/told/put upon like you did not really matter or that you were not good enough .. or maybe you just did not belong in their crowd. I faced that today again and held my tongue trying to reinforce in my mind that this individual may have been too young to understand the implications of their words [or maybe they were just not raised that way]. Words are some of the most powerful things that humans have and if I have ever said to someone what was said to me today, I am truly very sorry.

Second minor disappointment came from my evening plans. Had a great dinner with Miss Lauren .. looks incredible, working all the freakin time, and from the outside you would never know the pain she has had to suffer through this past year. After dinner went to see Micheal Buble. Two years ago, Lauren and I went to see Buble when he was just becoming known at the Rialto. Fantastic show, incredible singer. Tonight it was not the same. He still sounded incredible [and did a encore of A SONG FOR YOU], but was almost unapproachable. I had a good time, but not a great time. I just hope that he does not forget his base fans or the music that brought him all the fame .. and become some kind of Micheal Bolton fake.

PROJECT RUNWAY Biggo surprise .. Chloe won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally .. about DIANA .. along with tonight's topics, I have seen her in concert 3 times .. each was better than the previous. Incredible entertainer and woman!



Posted on 2006.03.06 at 02:14
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
DIANA SONG: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR ARE GOING TO [Micheal Masser] .. In honor of the Academy Awards, I have mentioned Diana's song from 1975, which was the theme from her movie MAHOGANY. The song was nominated for an award, but lost, and DIANA did get to perform it on the Oscar telecast.

Okkkkkkkkkkkk, been away a few days so lots of blah, blah, blah, blah. First, had a great weekend since Thelma and Louise were gone from the shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am loving having our Sunday shows at 3:00 pm. Although it is often hard to go back to work so soon after the Saturday show, I LOVE having Sunday night off!

Had a great time after the show on Saturday night. Cuzzzin HG turned the big 50, sorry my bad, 30 on Saturday. I was invited to her birthday bash up in Conyers. Had a fantastic time talking to everyone .. and then spent the night in their home [which is very nice and has the feeling of a beach front home].

Anybody / everybody who reads this blog needs to send some great thoughts to the PINK PRINCESS!! Two major things going on in her life now .. PRINCESS, yo gay BFF is so proud of his baby! Now I know the PRINCESS will read this and say "whatever."

Watched most of the Oscars tonight .. my rundown:

loved that Reese won, hated the dress
loved that Phillip won .. Capote is a new hero of mine [not just due to the movie, but the bio as well]
what was wrong with Lauren Becall
Dolly looked great, got the crowd moving, she should have won
loved the fact the Memoirs Of A Geisha won for costuming and scenic design .. they deserved both
really mad that when they showed the montages of movies that have been biographies, they did not include LADY SINGS THE BLUES! WTF!!!! DIANA was nominated for best actress, and the movie received a nomination for best original screenplay. They did not include LADY .... but did include the camp fest MOMMIE DEAREST??

This brings me to another reason why I love this woman soooooooo much .. her versatility. She has had success in alomost every medium of entertainment:
music .. 18 # 1 hits which range from pop, dance, country, ballads, broadway and even a little opera
movies .. 5 films which included LADY SINGS THE BLUES
live entertainment .. which she won a special TONY AWARD in 1977 for her AN EVENING WITH show
books .. she wrote a children's book, THAT'S WHY I CALL YOU MY FRIEND and her biography, SECRETS OF A SPARROW
clothing .. she designed all the costumes in Mahogany, had her own design line of patterns and even panty hose


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